Face Mask Wristlet RETIRED
Item#: 354301

Face Mask Wristlet RETIRED - Teal

This stylish carrying pouch conveniently fits on your wrist to store and transport your Norwex Reusable Face Masks with BacLock®.
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  • Problem & Solution

    Problem: You take a couple of Norwex Reusable Face Masks everywhere you go, to help filter potentially harmful particles from the air you breathe. But you need a place to store your used and unused masks. 

    Solution:The dual-pocketed Wristlet is the perfect travel companion for our Reusable Face Masks. One side has a charcoal zipper and one has a blue zipper. Use one side to store clean masks, and the other for used ones.

  • How To Use
    • Store clean Norwex Reusable Face Masks in one pocket; used in the other.
    • Make sure you take it with you everywhere.
    • Wash used masks after each wearing.


    • Hand wash and let air dry. 
  • Features & Benefits
    • Made from 100% recycled PET (polyester).
    • Different zipper colours on each side help you remember which side for used and unused masks.
    • Handy strap makes it convenient when you’re on the go. 
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