Spray Bottle
Spray Bottle
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Spray Bottle

Why not replace the aerosols and plug-ins with a better solution?
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Blue: 269 ml
  • Problem & Solution

    It seems like there’s an aerosol can stored under nearly every sink and in every laundry room. But those cleaning products may contain chemical propellants that are not only harmful to the atmosphere, they could also jeopardise your family’s health. And plug-in air fresheners, gels and scented candles are also problematic.

    Why not replace the aerosols and plug-ins with a better solution? Our Spray Bottles can help you get your home clean and fresh-smelling without harmful chemicals. They’re the perfect complement to several Norwex products, all designed to reduce harmful chemicals in your home.

  • How To Use
    • Fill a Spray Bottle with water for use with the Norwex Mop System. Simply re-wet the Tile or Wet Mop Pads whenever necessary as you clean.
    • Put one capful of Odour Eliminator in a Spray Bottle for use wherever odours exist: rubbish bins, nappy buckets, laundry rooms, etc.
    • Put two to three drops of Norwex Essential Oil in a Spray Bottle to lightly scent the air.
    • Get windows and other surfaces clean and shiny using a Spray Bottle filled with either water only, or a diluted mixture of Essential Oil, along with a Norwex Microfibre cloth.
  • Features & Benefits
    • Help your family breathe easier by reducing the use of harmful chemicals from aerosols and other scented household products 
    • Spray Bottles are perfect for cleaning with our Norwex Microfibre and water only.
    • They are great for diluting concentrated, enzyme-based products like our Odour Eliminator.
    • They’re also perfect for diluting Norwex Essential Oils to impart a light, fresh scent in your home. 
    • Made with less plastic, our Aluminium Spray Bottle is a more sustainable option.
    • Both Spray Bottles are handy throughout the house:

    – Fill one with water for use with your Norwex Mop System 
    – Fill one with a mixture of water and Odour Eliminator for the bathroom 
    – Fill one with a mixture of Norwex Essential Oil and water to lightly scent the air in your home

  • Did You Know?

    Studies have shown that many air-freshening sprays and other scented products can release an array of hazardous substances that may
    cause lung damage, tumours, asthma and more.


    Spray bottles used in the mid-1800s featured a rubber bulb, which was squeezed to produce the spray as the fast-moving air siphoned fluid from the bottle. The rapid improvement in plastics after World War II increased the range of fluids that could be dispensed, and reduced costs as
    assembly became fully automated.

Norwex. Make your home a safe haven.