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  • Problem & Solution


    Everyday wear and tear, aging and harsh environmental elements can all take their toll on your skin, especially on exposed areas, like your heels, hands and elbows. When these areas are zapped of much-needed moisture, they can become cracked, dry and uncomfortable—not to mention unsightly!



    Help relieve rough, dry skin with USDA certified organic Body Balm. It glides on smoothly to magically help restore chapped, dry - even cracked -  heels, hands, elbows and more. Best of all, it contains no harmful ingredients so it’s safe for the whole family!

  • How To Use
    • Wet face and cleanse with a damp Body Cloth. For dry or sensitive skin, including skin around the eye area, wipe gently with a moist cloth. For oily skin or for a deeper exfoliation, wring cloth well before using.
    • Rinse under warm water and use other side of cloth to continue cleansing face or body.
    • Apply the Body Balm as needed to rough, dry skin to smooth and improve its appearance.
  • Features & Benefits


    • Soothing, cooling balm quickly hydrates and restores rough, dry, cracked heels, elbows and hands
    • Moisturises very dry skin caused by razor burn, wind burn, sunburn, etc.
    • Helps soothe and moisturise minor cuts and scrapes
    • Naturally hydrates and protects dry, damaged skin, cuticles and even dry, flyaway hair
    • Thicker, so it can be longer-lasting than typical liquids or creams
    • Perfect for all-over daily use
    • Certified organic formula is made in the USA.
    • Contains certified organic:
      • Sunflower Seed Oil, to provide antioxidant protection
      • Beeswax, to protect skin from the elements
      • Shea Butter, to absorb rapidly into the skin
      • Castor Oil, to help restore moisture balance
      • Spearmint and Orange Peel Oil, for a rejuvenating and refreshing aroma
    • Antioxidants from Tocopherol
    • (Vitamin E) further protect and hydrate skin
    • Push-up applicator offers one-swipe convenience and packs easily in your purse, luggage or gym bag.


    USDA Organic certification ensures ingredients are 95% or more free from:
    –    Synthetic additives
    –    Pesticides
    –    Chemical fertilisers
    In addition, no industrial solvents, irradiation or genetic engineering is used in ingredient processing.


    • Cleanses skin gently yet thoroughly
    • Great for both face and body
    • Perfect for removing excess oils from skin, as well as daily hygiene and skin care
    • Made from super-soft Norwex Microfibre containing our exclusive BacLock® agent
    • BacLock®, the micro silver agent in the cloth, goes to work with self-purification properties against the mould, fungi and bacterial odour within 24 hours so that it is ready to use again
    • Ultra-gentle microfibre is super soft on sensitive, delicate and/or mature skin
    • Gently removes face paint from children’s faces.


  • Did You Know?

    Shea Butter’s skin care and healing properties have been harnessed for centuries. Its history can be traced to ancient Egypt, where it was used to protect the hair and skin against the fierce sun and hot, dry desert winds.

    Harsh soaps and cleansers can be drying to skin. They’re especially problematic to those with sensitive skin. Using a soft microfibre cloth with just water can help maintain the balance of delicate skin.

    The tiny plastic microbeads in some facial cleansers are non-biodegradable. In fact, several US states have made moves to ban microbeads in personal care products and Australia could be next, because of their detrimental effects on the environment, parabens in breast tumour tissue and fragrance components in human fat.