Sanira Toilet Brush System (RETIRED) Exp 11/20

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A self contained system to make a tough job a breeze.
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  • Problem & Solution

    Chemical toilet bowl cleaners can be messy, and they’re harmful on the environment. In addition, the bristle brushes of most toilet scrubbers can harbour bacteria. And because there’s not a lot of storage space in most bathrooms, you often have to search for the brush and cleaner when you need them.

    The Sanira Toilet Brush System combines cleaning solution, scrub brush and caddy all in one. The effective, non-toxic cleaning solution is easy on the environment, and the self-dispensing design eliminates messy spills. Plus, the stylish caddy can be stored conveniently next to the toilet so you never need to hunt for your toilet-cleaning tools again!

  • How To Use
    •     Cut off the top of the cleaning solution cap. Place the bag into the bottom container
    •     Reassemble the system by placing the container with the hole in it on top, then inserting the brush into the container
    •     Gently push down on the brush until the solution fills the channels and starts to coat the bristles
    •     Empty as much water out of the toilet bowl as possible so the cleaner will not be diluted
    •     Clean the sides of the bowl first. Using the brush, work your way around and down the sides of the bowl
    •     Rinse brush with clean water by flushing toilet and place back into the caddy.
  • Features & Benefits
    •     Cleaning solution self-dispenses so there's no dripping or mess
    •     Unique design dispenses just enough solution, so there’s never any waste
    •     Gets toilet bowls sparkling clean
    •     All-in-one design is made from recyclable raw materials with no metal parts to rust
    •     Bristle design uses the cleaning solution more effectively, rinses clean and doesn’t harbour bacteria
    •     Solution biodegrades within 48 hours, leaving no harmful chemicals in the environment
    •     One bottle of solution lasts approximately one year with weekly use
    •     Safe for use with septic systems
    •     System stores easily.
  • Did You Know?
    •     The Sanira Toilet Brush System uses only 3 – 4 ml of cleaning solution, compared to the 30 – 40 ml required by most traditional cleaners.
    •     Toilet bowl brush holders often serve as incubators for bacteria growth that’s linked to anything from allergies to stomach flu.