Facial Mitt with Washing Pouch - Light Blue

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Facial Mitt with Washing Pouch - Light Blue
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  • How To Use

    • Use with water only to avoid harmful chemicals during facial cleansing.
    • Moisten mitt and slip over two or three fingers. Starting with the eye area, gently swipe from the inner to the outer corners of both eyes, making sure to include the brows.
    • Use the other side of the mitt to clean the remainder of your face and neck.
    • Use a fresh mitt each time.

    Caring for Microfibre:
    Slightly dirty microfibre can be washed with Norwex Dishwashing Liquid under warm running water and used again before laundering. Rinse thoroughly after washing and air or machine dry.
    Mitts that have been used heavily should be laundered in the Washing Pouch using a Norwex laundry detergent, which contains no fillers.
    Do not use bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets.

  • Features & Benefits

    • Small size and super-soft microfibre make them great for delicate skin on face, eyes and neck.
    • Perfect for cleaning all skin types, including oily, dry, sensitive and mature
    • Ultra-soft and fluffy microfibre gently removes all traces of makeup.
    • Leaves skin fresh and clean using only water
    • Helps remove daily buildup of oils and dirt
    • No need for wasteful, single-use cotton balls or pads
    • No need for harmful chemicals that can strip skin of natural oils
    • Set of four means you always have a fresh mitt.
    • Fluffy Norwex Microfibre stays soft, even after hundreds of washes.
    • Mitts fit snugly on two or three fingers for evenly applied pressure, helping to prevent pinching, pulling and tugging of delicate skin.
    • Saves you money since you won’t need cotton balls or pads or harsh, chemical-based cleansers
    • Easily portable and great for travelling
    • Handy zippered Washing Pouch keeps them together in the laundry or for storing.

  • Did You Know?

    Alcohol-based makeup removers can dry and/or irritate your skin. And some oil-based makeup removers can actually block pores, leading to breakouts.